“Enlightenment is: absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” ― Anthony de Mello

It’s not an age thing — it can happen at any stage. But for most people, they nearly always come back to the beginning: “Why am I here?”

There’s no obvious answer, unless you’re comfortable in adopting someone else’s narrative.

Of course, when you’ve done that (repeatedly) and the feeling stays the same, where does that leave you?

A place of acceptance?

A place of anxiety?

Or, no place at all?

Look at this way. If you’re willing to examine your life beyond a bushel of labels, you may find it’s not necessary to strive for anything, look for anything or accept anything. Yes, you know what I’m going to say; namely, everything just is.

In recognising this, it has nothing to do with resignation or giving up, but accepting that you’re no more in control of your life than you are the beating of your heart or how you age.

Does that mean you’ve got to go with the flow?

Yes, I suppose so but only if you’re willing to accept that you are everything and no-thing at the same time.


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