So what did you think to my experiment writing 100 words for a week?

Too short?

Too long!

Wrong themes?

The thing is when the ‘me’ drops out, there’s not much to talk about — phew.

No, I’m serious.

When I look back on my writings, it’s all invested in the ‘me’ story. You know the one that wants more.

In the beginning, I wanted to only write poetry. Perhaps true self was on to something (or no-thing) but there’s a part of me that feels that’s where I should be spending my time.

Let’s see.

I suppose what I’m really saying is the inexpressible is hard to put into words. The formless given form — how very Zen.

In the end, the only way I’ll know is to sit down and write, and wait to see what, if anything, shows up.

Enjoy your weekend.

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