This week I thought I’d experiment and try writing 100 words per day rather than a blog.

If there’s a reason, it’s because I want to force myself to distill my point to the fewest number of words. I intend to check in again next Saturday, but, in the meantime, it would be great to get your feedback.



Who or what are we?

Why should it matter?

It shouldn’t, but we’re conditioned to believe that to be something we have to become something — and that includes liberation (how paradoxical).

What if we accepted everything as already whole?

Is this what’s called radical acceptance?

If it is, without making it into another thing, shouldn’t we be practising that rather than radical non-acceptance, which seems the order of the day?

But of course this message is never likely to be heard whilst we try to fill that missing piece with fame, adoration and being something.

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