“There is neither creation nor destruction,
neither destiny nor free will, neither
path nor achievement.
This is the final truth.”Ramana Maharshi

We’re conditioned by our circumstances — our parents, school, work and the media.

Rarely do we question the questions that we’ve been asked to answer, e.g. How can I make myself happy (all the time)?, and, instead, thrash around working harder and harder, but things never change.

And that’s the paradox.

Nothing need change.

What we’re seeking is already (t)here — our wholeness if you will.

It’s easy to dismiss this as another faux trip but, trust me, the more you believe that happiness exists out there, the further away from reality, i.e. bliss-consciousness, you’ll travel.

In case you think you need go follow another guru, it’s got nothing to do with robes, chanting or scripture. All I’m inviting you to do is to stop running around like a crazed lunatic and stand on your own two feet.

I wrote yesterday about disidentifying from your thoughts, but that’s only the start. Beyond that it’s a case of knowing that you’re not the knower, the seeker is the one being sought and the hearer is the one being heard. I know, it’s all so damn metaphysical but, in the end, there is only this — this one amazing thing we call life.

As the title suggests, and as I know from my own experience, the ‘me’ (our ego for want of a better description) needs time and space, cause and effect, hate and love and this and that to survive. Take away that tension, and what’s left? Just the is-ness or our being.

In the end, even words fail to translate what I’m trying to say. That’s the trouble with paradox: it’s all …and this, …and that, …and not this.

Trust me, for a hard-headed ex-lawyer this stuff would have remained not just out of site but the last thing in the world that would have attracted me to finding true self. But, having read the Heart Sutra, I suddenly realised that what I was searching for (as the seeker) would never be found. It was like destruction and creation all in one giant ocean. After that, despite my tendency to lose my way, no amount of faux methodology will take me back to the brainwashed version of me.

What about you?

Where are you headed?


I’m a holistic business coach working with small business owners, professional service firms and high-growth companies who are seeking an inside-out approach to the world of business coaching. As someone who’s been at the sharp end of business for over 30 years, I bring to bear a vast range of experience geared to growth, systems thinking and personal transformation. If you’re interested in booking a complimentary coaching session, please call 07588 815384, email juliansummerhayes@gmail.com or connect on LinkedIn by sending the appropriate invitation.


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