“You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.” ― Roy T. Bennett

I’ve rarely experienced the completeness of now.

It’s a bit like a fish in water: it only knows there’s a problem when it’s all gone.

What about you?

Where do you live?

The past?

The future?

Or, somewhere you can’t even describe save that you know, one day feels like the last…and the one before that.

Of course, this is all so metaphysical, but the truth is we never stop to consider life, not truly, and instead pretend that what we’re doing is purposeful or at least meaningful when set against what we’ve learnt or been taught, or de minimus will give us something to do.


Stop for a minute.

Put down your phone.

Close your eyes, and imagine a world where you found yourself alone in nature; or the vast expanse of the wilderness; or the ocean; or the sky.

What’s there?

What do you experience?

What do you feel?

“Who cares?”, you say.

The thing is, even if meditation isn’t your thing, there’s a reason why so many wisdom traditions extol the virtue of presence. You know, the full unadulterated expression of the now, for in that space there’s nothing else. No thoughts; no emotions; no experience beyond the experience of your own awareness.

“Hey man, I’m tripping out”, possibly, but if we want to make something of our life beyond the pursuit of our own failed dreams, we have to find a place where happiness isn’t some fleeting moment built on the horns of materialism but an acceptance of something much bigger. And yes, this means we have to find a higher purpose where we show up for something other than to feed our ego and desires. Perhaps not the Church, and most definitely not another faux Guru, but something that touches our heart.

If you need a primer, try silence. Yes, you heard me. Try embracing a way of life not where you’re lost in your head (so many people hate silence because they have to listen to that nasty inner critic) but where you’re lost in the reverie that comes from stepping outside the routine of noise. For me, not enough has been written about the need to embrace silence. Or better still, to outlaw certain noise-induced practices that have desensitised us to ourselves.

Of course, you may have a place where you can contemplate in silence but we should all try much harder to embrace silence in our daily lives. And not just because I say so, but it’s one of those habits that if adopted will enable us to feel our way into a new existence — something much more mindful of who we are and everything around us.

So, as you think about the life you’re seeking, try to imagine one where you’re much more at home with you, the real you, as opposed to one created inside a field of separate, repetitive thoughts. That way, you might find a sense of inner peace that’s been missing all these years.

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