The Sad Fate of Totnes

Georgina and Co.

In 2013 Totnes was riding high. It had successfully seen off Costa Coffee,  become one of the world’s first transition towns and a survey done by Prime Location, cited Totnes as one of the most desirable places in the UK to live. It was applauded for its ‘funky’ lifestyle, its alternative inhabitants, the beauty of its location and its buildings, its access to the coastline and its rows of independent shops, all of which made Totnes a rather special place, loved by locals and tourists alike.

Cut to 2015 and its a very different story. Totnes has become a victim of the government’s 2012 relaxation of planning laws.  The failure of South Hams District Council to produce a new Local Plan has given developers and landowners alike a loophole, through which they have swarmed, eager to build all around and over this popular historic town. Landowners like the Duke of…

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