Cleaning your teeth …

.. is a daily exercise and a matter of necessity.

I wonder how many people would bother if they had self-cleaning teeth which were immune from decay? I suspect very few. They wouldn’t see the need or have the desire.

But this is exactly how legal marketing feels.

We all know we need to do it or do it much better but we don’t because the work keeps rolling through the door. But if you haven’t noticed, it is becoming harder and harder to make money and with the voluminous regulation, the impact of the Legal Services Act and technological change driving increased efficiency, lawyers need to adopt a different mindset. It is no less than a paradigm shift.

As I have maintained for a long time, law firms and lawyers are free to choose. Free to choose their clients. Free to choose the type of work they do. And free to choose what they don’t do.

But much like the teeth that don’t need to be cleaned until they start dropping out (as teeth always do), they won’t do anything fundamentally different.

If you want to make a difference start with the end in mind. There are infinite options waiting out there for you. You need to open the door or lift the curtain.

Dream big. And the dream has to be something that keeps you awake at night. It has to be inspired. If it means luke warn or “oh hum” then that won’t cut it.

You have got to want it like nothing else before. This is intentional dreaming. Not wishful thinking.

See your practice.

See your clients.

See your lifestyle.

See the profit.

See the workplace (go check out Zappos).

But don’t just sit there and expect things to happen or something to fall in your lap. It won’t. Now is the time to unleash that entrepreneurial perspective. Stop making excuses and blaming others. Your practice is a reflection of you and your personality. The firm is a reflection of the partners and the people within it. Your clients are a reflection of the whole thing.

If all this sounds like too much hard work or someone else’s job then your career in law will be short lived or you will live out a miserable existence. At the moment you can only see the competition in a narrow compass and you gauge things accordingly. And if that is your horizon then you are living in the past and not even living in the moment. The future? Well that is in your gift.

Now is the time to start building your daily marketing habits just like you clean your teeth.

Don’t think that clients will continue to beat a path to your door. Reach out. Be remarkable and fall in love with your work again.

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