Where life and work merge

It is perhaps overstating the position, but I firmly belief that our work is our life or, certainly, a very large part of it. And that is not just because it takes up such an inordinate amount of time but we get so much from it – or at least we should.

It should inspire us, fill us with joy and make us feel special. Too often I hear people moan about their job and they make it sound as if the world is about to end: “I can’t stand it any more.”

I know how hard it is to be inspired when you don’t feel appreciated and rewarded; but work is too important, in the scheme of things, to simply dismiss as something that you get done every day.

The thing is, as  a species, without work we would be lost in our own thoughts. Even if you were fortunate enough to enjoy the privilege of not having to work for money, you would still need a sense of purpose and that is unlikely to come from basking in free leisure time.

Your career, your life and your family should not be left to chance. If something is not working you need to change it. But more than that you need to go to work on your work, rather than working in it and being carried along on the tide – wherever that is headed.

Lots of material exists to create a whole new life – goal setting programmes, wellness and meditation – but the truth of it is that you must want to do it for yourself. You can have the most sophisticated and developed programme but if you are not willing to go through a period of change and likely discomfort then may be you should accept that you need to make the most of what you have and stop dreaming about the “What if …”.

I have been inspired by many things and many people in my life. I have been blessed over the past 20+ years to work with some outstanding leaders and one thing that that has shown me is no one got great if they didn’t have a clear idea of where they were going and how they were going to get there.

If you are stuck in a job that you hate you need to start planning not just for the Exit door when the market picks up but also looking at your profile, and marketability and ask yourself if you are the best of everything that you can be. If you think that there are areas that you need to work on, then start now. Don’t delay. Have a plan which includes your mission statement and start working and moving things toward closing the gap on where you need to be every single day.

Yes you will have ups and downs but if you know the direction you are headed it will be a heck of a lot easier to withstand the inevitable battering once you commit to your new direction.

3 thoughts on “Where life and work merge

  1. Interesting post Julian! I think that because ‘work’ fails us so much we see it outside of what makes us who we are. When, in fact, it is an integral part of what makes us whole! It is central to our purpose!

    1. Thanks Ann. I don’t think we make enough of the work that we do in terms of our life plan. We should go to work on our work rather than allowing it to dictate where we end up.

      Regards Julian

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